About Us

Experience You Can Count On

Horizon Performance Solutions is a leadership and organizational development consulting company specializing in highly-tailored services. Our approach starts with a needs assessment that informs the development of a project plan crafted to your needs. We blend organizational assessments and development, individual and team coaching, and consultative training and workshops to address your needs.  

Our Be Successful Today  philosophy will focus your energy on your immediate performance and impact. It will help you better recognize the importance of today. It will prepare you to bring your best self to the tasks at hand and make you more effective now, so that your tomorrows are better realized.  It will help make you successful today.

Consulting You Can Trust

Horizon Performance Solutions is ideally suited for corporate teams, small businesses, government agencies, public service organizations, and individuals. We will provide training, coaching, facilitation, and support to assist you in realizing your success. We will be at your side as you foster growing capacity and cohesion. We will assist you in your pursuit of extraordinary performance.

What People Are Saying

Grant Umberger, Director, SUNY JCC Center for Workforce Readiness

"You were on point with content...fantastic job! As mentioned, it was a great session." 

Cheryl Lickfeld, President, Key Resource Group, Inc.

"Horizon Performance Solutions facilitated our strategic planning work at Key Resource Group and we couldn't be happier with the results...I recommend HPS to any organization looking to take the leap to the next level."

Tom Waring, Jr., Principal at GCW Capital, LLC

"Horizon Performance Solutions' experience in building leaders is evidenced in their work. They increased the level of engagement among our team members by facilitating the discovery of each person's leadership abilities...The level and quality of decision-making has increased as a result of HPS." 

A Message From Steve Wischmann, M.A. - Founder

I formed Horizon Performance Solutions following my retirement from the United States Coast Guard after three decades of active duty service. That professional experience began for me as an enlisted person, led to Officer Candidate School, and culminated in my serving in four command assignments and achieving the rank of Captain. Throughout this tremendous journey, I had the pleasure of working with the finest people in the world - both within and outside the Coast Guard.

Horizon Performance Solutions provides me the opportunity to share and advance the insights I gained throughout my years of military service, advanced education, work as a special staff officer to the Department of Homeland Security, partnering with myriad organizations, agencies, and business people, and in working my way from the "bottom" of the Coast Guard to its upper reaches. 

While my achievements are not unique, they have afforded me considerable experience with effective leadership, sound followership, high performing individuals and teams, and incisive strategic thinking - on achieving success.